CCTV system is paying off

CCTV cameras installed in a central Buxton spot have helped crack down on anti–social behaviour.

Alcohol was taken from a large group of youths who had gathered in the car park of the Pavilion Gardens on two occasions during the late evening of Saturday, July 6, following reports to the police based on monitoring of the camera images.

The camera is part of the High Peak Borough Council’s public CCTV system which is monitored on a 24/7 basis by dedicated monitoring staff.

On this occasion, the monitoring officer spotted some of the group of around 30 youths drinking despite being under age and reported this to the Police who attended and confiscated the alcohol. Officers attended for a second time after continued monitoring revealed more youths arriving and bringing alcohol with them.

Councillor Anthony Mckeown, executive member for communities, said: “Incidents like this really show the value of our investment in CCTV.”