CAVENDISH HOSPITAL: MPS’s view on figures blunder

Cavendish Hospital would be affected by the changes proposed in the Better Care Closer to Home consultation.
Cavendish Hospital would be affected by the changes proposed in the Better Care Closer to Home consultation.

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham thinks the costing error can only be a good thing for those trying to save wards at Cavendish Hospital.

It was revealed on Monday that following the 14-week consultation the figures they used to show how much the hospitals cost to run and projected five-year costs were too high.

Andrew said: “We are told it is not about money but about making good choices for a patients, however to learn that Cavendish is operating at a lower level of cost can only be a good thing.”

Derbyshire health chiefs apologise after consultation figures blunder

Cavendish Hospital could lose its ten specialist mental health beds on the Spencer Ward as care would be provided in the community through a Dementia Rapid Response Team on call countywide from 8am to 8pm, and emergency admissions would be made at Walton Hospital in Chesterfield.

Eight community beds on Fenton Ward would become specialist rehabilitation beds, and across the county there would be 44 Beds With Care in nursing or residential home to replace the other eight, at locations as yet unknown.

The controversial proposal was unveiled on June 29, and since then hundreds of people have had there say during a consultation exercise, which involved well-attended public meetings.

Mr Bingham himself gave a passionate speech at the first meeting in July.

The MP said: “Although there are some errors, the end total for some of these figures is the same - just how they reached it has changed.

“There shouldn’t have been any errors in the document but fair play to the new clinical commissioning group chief for holding his hands up and admitting mistakes.”

Now the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) both in North Derbyshire and Hardwick will be holding a four-week clarification campaign and want people to come forward if the new figures alter their views.

But Mr Bingham added: “I don’t think it will change people’s views.

“We want the wards to stay as they are, and that still doesn’t change now. I don’t think there will be another full consultation as it will be too costly.”