CAVENDISH HOSPITAL: Election pushes back decision for wards’ future

Cavendish Hospital in Buxton
Cavendish Hospital in Buxton

The outcome of a review into the future of healthcare at a Buxton hospital has been pushed back until after next month’s general election.

Last June Better Care Closer to Home launched its Joined Up Care proposal which, if approved, would see Cavendish Hospital lose its ten specialist elderly mental health beds on the Spencer Ward and eight community beds on the Fenton Ward.

A decision was due to be made in the spring, but this has now been pushed back.

Keith Horncastle, who has been vocal in his support for Cavendish Hospital, said: “It is sad that the wonderful staff on the Spencer and Fenton wards aren’t being appreciated.

“They are being kept in limbo, all the while providing a great service to people when they need it the most, and the fact that a decision will now not be made until next month is unfair.

“People’s jobs are at threat but their unwavering dedication in uncertain times should be praised and we should do all we can to keep their valuable expertise in Buxton and in the High Peak.”

The news comes just weeks after the Spencer Ward was again awarded the gold-standard Quality Always Award for the second year running.

Doctor Ben Milton, chairman of NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “NHS Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group had planned to meet in May and agree final decisions relating to Better Care Closer to Home, but the announcement of the general election means we now have to observe pre-election period guidelines.

“We will now arrange to meet and agree final decisions following the general election.

“Once again we would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to the consultation.”