Campus vision for Glossop Library revamp

Councillors Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh, who want to create a one-stop learning hub in Glossop.
Councillors Ellie Wilcox and Damien Greenhalgh, who want to create a one-stop learning hub in Glossop.

Councillors have announced “visionary” plans to create a multi-million pound Glossopdale Campus, which would incorporate the library and adult community education centre.

Both borough and county councils have approached the National Lottery for help to fund their vision to combine both facilities on Talbot Road and create a “one-stop learning hub”.

County Cllr Dave Wilcox said a lot of the adult services were often covered by libraries, such as helping people get online or with job applications, so it made sense for the two centres to collaborate.

He said: “There’s a synergy between the two services and they’re next to each other. My own preference would be to have one campus manager and close the road between them and have an open access centre.”

Cllr Wilcox added that the proposals were all subject to consultation, which would not take place until funding had been finalised and the authorities had a “workable model” to present to the public.

He added: “There will be a library in Victoria Hall no matter what, but if there’s something better we can go for, we’re going to try it. It will be a visionary communal campus for the town. It’s what Glossop needs - more bang for their buck.”

Borough Cllr Ellie Wilcox said: “We have two glorious buildings available to our community and we need to make sure that they are joined in both their mission and design.

“Already, the county and borough councils have funds to contribute to the project, but if we want to have some big ambitions, we need to source further funding from other sources.

“We don’t want to cap our ambitions due to the limited availability of public sector funding, with additional funds we could achieve so much more.”

As previously reported, in 2007, Derbyshire County Council set aside £1.9 million to revamp Glossop Library and High Peak Borough Council have £2 million available to spend on halls, such as the grade II listed library site.

County Cllr Damien Greenhalgh described the proposed campus as a “one-stop learning hub”, adding: “Local people were let down by the previous administration’s lack of consultation.

“People want the Labour administration to deliver on their election promises to save the library in Victoria Hall and enhance its provision. We want to do this and more, which is why these discussions with funders is critical.”