Campaigners still fighting against plans for 107 new homes in Whaley Bridge

What's being planned in Mansfield?
What's being planned in Mansfield?

The fight against 107 new homes goes on and a special meeting is being held to address residents concerns.

Whaley Bridge Town Council will be holding a meeting on Friday August 11 at 7.30pm, where the only item on the agenda will be the new development off Linglongs Road which is currently greenfields land.

Outline planning permission was granted by High Peak Borough Councillors at a Development and Control meeting in 2015 but the more detailed plans will come before the committee next month.

Russ Broome is on the Whaley Bridge Matters Committee and said: “We didn’t even want this application to be approved in the first place and I think the councillors made a terrible decision so now we must fight to make sure that the new development doesn’t ruin the lives of people who live here.”

Applicant Barratt Homes, who has taken over the development from Gladman Developments, has permission to build 107 new homes which will be a mixture of two and three bed semi-detached and four and five bed detached properties.

Russ said: “Nowhere in these plans is proper access addressed which isn’t right so we need to speak up before the reserved matters are agreed and a terrible decision is made which will impact on the whole town.

“This new development will bring at least 200 new cars and the access road is not suitable to deal with such a large volume of traffic.

“Macclesfield Road is already over-congested and so many new vehicles will make it dangerous for everyone.”

In the supporting statement by Barrats Homes it said: “The site can be accessed principally from Linglongs Road with a single access road via Macclesfield Road, the location has been determined by the off set required to adjacent junctions and the contours of the site and be used by both the vehicles and pedestrians.”

The reserved matters application has had more than 80 letters of objection from residents.

One comment on the High Peak Borough Council’s website from John Taylor said: “The Macclesfield Road access is on a blind bend between houses presenting a major hazard. The Linglongs access will create more traffic at a junction which already suffers from congestion at busy times. Any clearway created for either junction will remove parking space which is already inadequate in both places.”

Another noted the lack of resources in the town: “The schools are full, the doctors surgeries are full, the dentists are full and there is no work in the area.”