Campaign to crack down on alcohol-fuelled offences in Buxton

Some of the door staff wearing their branded jackets.
Some of the door staff wearing their branded jackets.

Police have teamed up with licensees ahead of this weekend’s Buxton Carnival for a new campaign aimed at cracking down on alcohol-related offences.

The ‘Intoxicated No Entry’ initiative will see officers working with door staff to prevent those who have over-consumed alcohol from entering a premise.

Pub and club staff will wear special ‘Intoxicated No Entry’ jackets, and posters with information about the initiative will be displayed around the town centre.

Sergeant Phil Bateman, from the Buxton Licensing Team, said: “The campaign aims to stop those who have consumed too much alcohol from entering a pub or club and becoming more intoxicated.

“This will help us to keep the communities safe from any anti-social behaviour or crime, along with protecting the safety of those drinkers.

“We will be working closely with pub and club staff to offer advice and support, particularly during this week’s carnival.”

Door staff are also being encouraged to promote the UK national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) to crackdown on underage drinkers entering pubs and bars with fake, or borrowed, identification.

Anyone found to be using someone else’s ID will have it taken from them by door staff and handed over to police, who will only return it in person at the police station.

Intoxicated is run by Derbyshire police and High Peak Borough Council and aims to crack down on alcohol-related offences by raising awareness of the law around the sale of alcohol to people who have already had too much.