Calls for action over derelict council offices

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FRUSTRATED residents who live opposite a row of former council offices which have been derelict for years are urging chiefs to take action over the “eyesores”.

Campaigning neighbours Anne Riebe and David Attwood have called on High Peak Borough Council (HPBC) to redevelop four of its decaying offices on Market Street in Buxton.

The buildings have stood empty for seven years and become a target for break-ins and vandalism.

HPBC said it was developing plans for the vacant premises.

Mr Attwood said: “The whole street is frustrated by these derelict offices.

“It used to be a nice road but now whenever we look out of our windows we see them – there’s no escaping them.

“People walk past the buildings and stare at them in total disbelief.

“Something desperately needs to be done.”

Mrs Riebe added: “There are people who live on this road who have been trying to sell their house for months – but who’s going to want to live opposite these eyesores?

“We know it’s a bad market at the moment but they’re not helping.

“The council must do something – we deserve better.”

Mrs Riebe said she felt vulnerable after a series of break-ins at the premises.

She added: “All last week there were people in them – they’ve been smashing windows and making noise.

“You don’t know who they are or what they’re doing.

“Will we wake up one morning to find the buildings burnt down?”

The premises include HPBC’s former Energy Advice Centre.

An HPBC spokesman said: “We are aware of the problems at the Market Street premises and contractors have made repeated visits to the properties to secure them against vandals and squatters.

“Plans are being developed for the vacant premises and they will be put before councillors for consideration.”

The spokesman added that it was “too early” to give any more details about the proposals.