Call for a Fairfield memorial

REFLECTIVE: Rev Carl Edwards with the memorial window at St Peter's Church. NBUA 25-10-12 JC 22.
REFLECTIVE: Rev Carl Edwards with the memorial window at St Peter's Church. NBUA 25-10-12 JC 22.

OVER 100 Fairfield residents lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

Yet nearly a century after the first conflict began in 1914, there’s still no lasting war memorial for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Unlike every other part of Buxton, and many of the surrounding villages, Fairfield has no memorial in a public space other than inside St Peter’s Church, which features a roll of honour and a memorial window.

So the Reverend Carl Edwards, Vicar at St Peter’s Church, is now asking locals whether they would support the creation of a memorial in the parish to remember those who died in the service of their country.

Mr Edwards, who has created a Facebook page to gauge how much support there is for the idea, said: “Since I came here, it struck me that there is not a war memorial in Fairfield that is outside the church.

“I just think it would be appropriate for Fairfield to have its own memorial, especially as there are memorials in Harpur Hill, Burbage and elsewhere in Buxton and the surrounding villages.

“I’ve set up a Facebook page but not made any official approaches yet. It’s all about seeing how much support there is for a memorial.”

The idea has already attracted support from Fairfield councillor Caitlin Bisknell as well as Jayne and Steve Taylor, the parents of Buxton Marine Scott Taylor, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

Mr Edwards added: “What happened with Scott is a reminder that we have forces involved in conflict. It’s not just about the past, it’s about supporting those involved in conflict now. A memorial in Fairfield could become a focal point for that support.

“Many of us get on with our lives without what’s going on in Afghanistan impacting on us, but we do need to be aware that there are people every day risking their lives in conflict.”

The idea is still at an early stage but Mr Edwards is keen to see the memorial in place ahead of an important milestone.

“I’m aware that the centenary of the breakout of the First World War is approaching in 2014 and I think that would be a good target to aim for,” he added.

lTo add your support and get involved in the campaign, you can write to Rev Edwards at Fairfield Vicarage, North Road, Fairfield, Buxton, SK17 7EA, email or have your say on Facebook at