Buxton to help Syrian refugees

Migrants stranded in Calais are being helped by a Buxton appeal
Migrants stranded in Calais are being helped by a Buxton appeal

An appeal has been launched in Buxton to help the refugees stranded in Calais.

The Green Man Gallery, based in Hardwick Hall, on Hardwick Square South, is collecting essentials such as track suit bottoms and camping equipment which will be distributed to those in France later in the month.

Businessman Neil Scowcroft, who runs Buxton Spa Company, is calling for people to get behind the cause and donate what they can.

He said: “There comes a point when just showing your support on Facebook isn’t enough and you have to do something more.”

A room in the gallery is being used to collect items and the lat day of collection will be Friday, September 19.

Mr Scowcroft said: “The appeal is only a short one as there is someone going to distribute goods in Calais late September so we want to try and make sure we can send things out rather than waiting - a long term plan can be done after but now there are people that need our help.”

This appeal to help those comes after David Cameron has said the UK will be accepting more than 10,000 Syrian refugees from camps bordering Syria rather than those already in Europe - avoiding the need for them to put themselves in the hands of people traffickers.

A petition calling for Britain to take more refugees has received more than 420,000 signatures - although a petition saying no more immigrants should be allowed into the UK has received more than 82,000 signatures.

Mr Scowcroft said: “The recent images of the young boy who drowned trying to escape for a better life has changed people’s perceptions and everyone is being really supportive.”

For more information call Neil on 077944 632184 or search for the Buxton Collection For Syrian Refugees In Calais on Facebook.