Buxton teen wins gold medal at her first martial arts competition

Competing alongside thousands of entrants, a Buxton teenager took home gold for her taekwon-do club in her first-ever competition.

Emily Bradbury
Emily Bradbury

Emily Bradbury, 13, has been training with the Buxton club for six years and decided to enter the North Midlands Area Championships, held in the Derby Arena.

Instructor Jane Holmes said: “She was ecstatic when she got the medal and I was so proud of her.”

The Buxton Community School pupil trains twice a week and is nearly at black belt standard.

Jane said: “Having the championships on our doorstep is great as it gives students the taste for competing without having to travel to London or Scotland.

“For Emily it hasn’t come easily for her, but she has never given up and that has to be admired.”

The teenager is tall for her age and Jane said this is not an advantage for her as she is paired with partners of similar weight and height.

When she turns 16, she will be eligible to compete in adult contests.

Jane, who has been doing martial arts for 30 years, said: “Taekwon-do does a lot for Emily, it improves her confidence. She plays a lot of hockey, but this is a great way to maintain overall body fitness.”

Emily’s win has been a boost for club morale and others are hoping to build on her success in the summer competitions.

Jane added: “It has shown others just what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.”