Buxton tearooms to star in new BBC travel documentary

Number 6 The Square Tearooms has been filmed by BBC2 for a new travel lifestyle show.
Number 6 The Square Tearooms has been filmed by BBC2 for a new travel lifestyle show.

A High Peak business has been filmed as part of a new BBC2 travel lifestyle documentary.

Lifeswap Adventure takes people out of the comfort zone and allows them to try new experiences.

For the new series an African man, who has never left his village, was treated to an afternoon tea in Buxton.

Camera crews turned up at Number Six tearooms at the end of August and Beverley Hardy from the establishment said: “It all happened rather quickly.

“We got the phone call from BBC and four days later they were here filming. It was very nerve-wracking.”

It is the second time the tearoom has been filmed, previously it was with former political broadcaster John Sergeant as part of his canal documentary.

Beverley said: “It was nice the BBC remembered us and we were thrilled to take part.”

Manager Lesley Brookes will be appearing in the documentary but Beverley said most of the staff were keeping quiet as they did not want to interrupt filming and were worried about the director shouting ‘cut’ because of them.

The team made a traditional afternoon tea for African man called George.

Beverley said: “I think he was a little bemused by it all but it would only be the same if we went over to his village and eat the local food, we wouldn’t be used to it.

“I think he really enjoyed the raspberries in the afternoon tea having never had them before.

“It was a very interesting experience for him and for us too.” She added: “We didn’t get much time to chat with him but I am looking forward to watching the show and learning more about his life and culture.”

There is currently no confirmed date when it will air.