Buxton students learn about choices

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Students at a Buxton secondary school have been learning about how decisions they make can have a lasting impact on their lives, as four inspirational people told their stories.

Derbyshire police teamed up with Buxton Community School to host a Your Choice seminar on Tuesday, March 10.

The event included four speakers who shared their personal experiences and explained how their choices have made a huge impact on their lives.

Iraq war survivor, Simon Brown spoke about his career in the army and how it was tragically cut short when he was shot in the face while helping to rescue six other soldiers.

Jasvinder Sanghera told pupils about her experiences with forced marriage and honour crimes.

Sexual exploitation was the topic of Lucy Smith’s talk, as she explained how she was groomed by a gang of men when she was 13 years old.

Chris Hardy discussed gang violence, hate crimes and radicalisation before DR Manny Barot talked about his involvement in the CKI School of Martial Arts.

The seminar focused on showing students how the choices they make have lasting consequences and encouraged them to think carefully about their decisions.

Officers from the town’s Safer Neighbourhood team were on hand throughout the morning to chat to youngsters and offer advice. Barry Jarvis from High Peak Radio was also there to welcome students and give an introduction.

Organiser, PC Sarah-Jayne Sims said: “These speakers are truly inspiring and their honest accounts seem to have a real impact on their audience. Their stories show courage, determination and no matter how bad a situation is it can be turned around

Head of PHSE at Buxton Community School, Lucy Terry said: “This is the second time we’ve had these talks and in 13 years of delivering PSHE, I have never come across speakers who are so good.”

Teacher, Tim Williams commented: “The students in my tutor group couldn’t wait to talk about it with me the next day. It really opened their eyes - and their minds.”

One student described the event as “very inspirational” whilst another said: “The talk was really, really worthwhile - I couldn’t stop thinking about what had been said for days, in fact I’m still thinking about it now. It was very motivational.”

To find out more about the event visit www.derbyshire.police.uk/yourchoice