Buxton’s historic Pump Room to host World Fringe Day celebrations

The pump room on The Crescent in Buxton.
The pump room on The Crescent in Buxton.

Buxton Festival Fringe will join fringe festivals across the globe on Tuesday, July 11 to celebrate the inaugural World Fringe Day.

Buxton’s own event – “Pump It Up!” – will also be the first chance for many to see one of the town’s great old buildings re-opened.

2017 marks 70 years since the birth of the fringe concept, with the founding of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1947. There are now more than 200 fringes worldwide.

World Fringe Day will be marked in Buxton with 12 hours of events in the town’s historic Pump Room.

Keith Savage, from Buxton Fringe, said: “World Fringe Day is a fantastic opportunity for people to come together and celebrate all that is great about fringe.

“We are especially excited to be able to tie this in with an important phase of Buxton’s re-development and the restoration of the Crescent and Pump Room.

“The Pump Room, which will be opening as a Visitor Experience in 2019 and run by the Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Heritage Trust, will be hosting events for World Fringe Day.

“We will be putting together a rich and varied programme of events including music, theatre, visual arts and spoken word from 10am until 10pm.”

Liz Mackenzie, engagement and events manager for the Buxton Crescent & Thermal Spa Heritage Trust, added: “Buxton Fringe has been so important for the town’s cultural scene for many years and we look forward to working with them during the next exciting phase of the Pump Room and Crescent’s history.”

Full details of “Pump It Up!” will be published at www.buxtonfringe.org.uk.