Buxton’s ‘embarrassing’ Christmas lights come under fire

Buxton's Spring Gardens at Christmastime. Picture by Jane Kerford-Cheese.
Buxton's Spring Gardens at Christmastime. Picture by Jane Kerford-Cheese.

Buxtonians have blasted the town’s “embarrassing” Christmas lights.

Residents say the decorations lack festive cheer – unlike in other nearby towns – and aren’t attracting shoppers to Buxton over the key Christmas period.

We are awaiting a response from High Peak Borough Council to the criticism.

In a letter to the Advertiser, resident Jo Middleton said: “The Christmas trees and decorations in Buxton – barring personal efforts from traders – are without doubt the most miserable imaginable.

“The cold blue lights and scrappy trees do nothing to make the town look welcoming on the approach into Buxton via the roundabouts and the lack of decorations elsewhere is a sad reflection of the lack of vision and creativity of our council.

“Of course cuts will be blamed – but a once-a-year effort to make the town look warm and welcoming to the visitors that Buxton needs is surely money well spent.

“The folks who have control over these decorations need to take a trip to Ashbourne.

“What a difference the lovely coloured lights and decorations make to the whole Christmassy feel of the town.

“Buxton really does need to raise the bar.

“Everyone I have spoken to in the town feels the same – it’s an embarrassment!”

The topic has also been a key discussion point on our Facebook page.

Helen Gregory said: “No wonder shops keep closing in Buxton. No one wants to shop here if the town isn’t inviting during the festive season like other towns around the surrounding area.”

Barbara Grindy said: “I have been to Ashbourne and Castleton this week – they look beautiful. Buxton makes me ashamed and angry.”

Pauline Sellors said: “There are more lights on the private houses.”

Carl Flynn Edwards said: “It does look a bit disappointing to say the least.”

Allan Atkinson said simply: “Bah, humbug!”