Buxton reenactors seek bloodthirsty battlers

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A 12th century reenactment group allowing members to take part in historic battles and learn how to craft typical dress from the period is appealing for members.

Historia Normannis Buxton will be meeting four times monthly from January to train for combat shows and make everything from leather belts to tunics.

The new group - which is part of a countrywide association - will be touring the country taking part in battle reenactments and living history displays of typical community scenes showing people sewing or crafting bows and arrows.

Head of the Buxton group Adam Cooper, 25, hopes to recruit as many new members as he can for its first meeting on January 5 at Buxton’s Cote Heath Park.

Adam, a games programming student at the University of Derby, said he was drawn to the hobby because it was ‘great fun’.

He said: “I was recruited at university when someone said ‘would you like to hit someone with a sword?’ I said ‘yes please’.

“The 12th century is one of the most interesting periods because of the Crusades.

“You had the Normans coming and taking over England - all the English nobles were kicked out and the feudal system began.

“I’m not really a historian but from doing this over the last two years I’ve learned a lot about the 12th century - we did some awful things in the past.”

Members wishing to take part in combat must be aged over 16 and with a parent if aged under 18.

They should also be capable of strenuous physical activity.

Membership of the club is no more than £6 per year but members have to buy their own kit.

The group will meet at Cote Heath Park on the first, third and fourth Saturdays of the month for combat training at 10am.

On the second Saturday craft sessions will be held at Equip Midlands, Byron Street Works, between 10am and 5pm.