Buxton police sound warning on legal highs

Legal highs.
Legal highs.

Police in Buxton have urged residents not to use legal highs during a talk on the potentially life-threatening substances.

Officers joined forces with specialist Steve Holme to speak to residents following recent cases involving young people using legal highs.

Legal highs – which mimic the effects of drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy – are becoming more readily available with hundreds of varieties being sold online.

Their use is causing collapses and admissions to hospital, along with a rise of anti-social behaviour.

Steve Holme, central drug reception manager for the force, said: “Put simply, you cannot rely on the labelling on packets or on the brand name if you choose to use one of these substances.

“Legal doesn’t mean safe. You can’t know what is in any of these packets without forensic testing. Also, legal doesn’t always mean legal – on some occasions it has been found that the packets actually contain illegal substances.

“Look after your friends. If someone has taken any of these substances and appear to be struggling with the effects, please call an ambulance.”

More than 20 people attended the talk at Buxton police station earlier this month.

For further information on legal highs, visit www.talktofrank.com