Buxton police inspector says town is one of the best he has worked in

Insp. Martin Coey.
Insp. Martin Coey.

Looking back on 2015, Inspector Martin Coey, from Buxton Police, is pleased with the progress the town has made.

He said: “In the last year there were only 63 burglaries in the whole of Buxton, Chapel, Whaley Bridge and the Hope Valley, which is such a low number.”

Insp. Martin Coey

Insp. Martin Coey

However there are still areas that need improving.

Insp Coey said: “There is still opportunist crime that needs to be tackled such as people not locking their cars or sheds.

“Just because we live in a very safe area doesn’t mean that thieves won’t take advantage if things are left available for the taking.”

The force can breathe a sigh of relief as cuts have not been as drastic as anticipated.

“We are not losing staff and we still have our safer neighbourhood teams working in the communities,” he said.

“The budget looks healthy and that means it is business as normal for Buxton and the surrounding areas.”

Domestic violence is a major concern for the Inspector.

He explained: “The violence that happens in a relationship makes up 60 per cent of all violent crime for the area and we are working hard to try and tackle this.”

More police officers are now trained in dealing with these situations.

He said: “We should take comfort in the fact that although the number is high, more people now feel comfortable in contacting us as they know we will take them seriously and do all we can to try and stop it happening again.”

In the past year the satisfaction levels from those who have been a victim of crime are higher than the county and national average.

Collected by an independent third party, the results show that in Buxton and High Peak there is a satisfaction level of 90.5 per cent when the force average is only 82.6 per cent.

“This again is such good news and I am pleased that people are happy with the work we do,” he added.

Looking forward to 2016 and beyond, Insp Coey said he wanted the force to concentrate on the upcoming threats to residents in the area such as making more people aware about online fraud and helping domestic abuse victims.

Night-time crime figures down

In the past two years, Inspector Coey said violent night crime has fallen and this is thanks to good training for licensees.

“Buxton is one of the best towns I have ever worked in because violent crime through intoxication is few and far between.”

With a strong pub watch team in the town, the intoxication programme stopping entry to people who are already drunk has proved a success.

“The pubs and bars are doing a great job in the area, they impose checks at the door and are stringent with ID checks,” he explained.

“Doing this makes it a safer night for everyone.”

Over the festive period police have stepped up night-time patrols to deal with the extra revellers out and about on the town: “Luckily trouble has been kept to a minimum, which is always good.”

He added: “I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and remind people to enjoy it and don’t drink too much.”