Buxton mum launches new fitness classes in Pavilion Gardens

Sian Jones
Sian Jones

A Buxton mum has set up her own fitness classes in a bid to break the stereotype that the industry has become ‘too elitist’.

Sian Jones fears some people are being put off from using gyms because she feels there is too much attention on looking good rather than getting healthier.

Now to combat this, she has launched her own daily classes which take place outdoors in the Pavilion Gardens.

The mum-of one, 32, said: “My little boy is growing up in an era where it matters more what you look like than how fit and healthy you are, which is just wrong, so I knew I needed to do something.

“Exercise is important, being outside is important. Whether you have the latest trainers or leggings on is not important but I think the fitness industry is in a very dark place at the minute and has become too elitist and this puts people off going to traditional gyms.”

Sian, who started Miss Jones Fitness at the beginning of the month, offers classes to fit around people’s lifestyles – with an early morning session at 6am and a buggy-friendly session at 9.30am.

There is also no dress code.

“When you drive to work and sit in an office all day and work through your lunch, it is really hard to get outside and even find 10 minutes for a walk which is why I’m doing all my classes outside,” she said.

“Living in Buxton winters are always very depressing, I wanted to break the cycle and the stereotypes of who should be exercising and get back to the real message.

“I’m not looking to compete with gyms in the town, I want to offer something which helps people feel better and be a healthier version of themselves.”

To sign up visit missjonesfitness.com.