Buxton man returns from running to Mordor dressed as Frodo

Dan Mayer, aka Frodo, with a Frodo street sign
Dan Mayer, aka Frodo, with a Frodo street sign

One man who spent nearly a month running from Manchester to Mordor, dressed like Frodo from Lord Of The Rings, is back.

Dan Mayers, 31, set off on his gallant quest to reach Mordor - which is actually in Germany - in April.

With only a small amount of camping equipment Buxton’s very own hobbit and personal trainer wanted to do a challenge that would be fun and get people’s attention.

He said: “It was tough but I’m so glad I did it. There were low points where I got a shin injury and there were days when it never stopped raining and I couldn’t get dry and so when I went to sleep it was in a damp tent and damp clothes.”

Dan took a month of work and raised £723 for the East Cheshire Hospice. He said: “I’m thrilled with the number of donations I received, people who I had only just met were digging deep and supporting my cause which was great.”

After doing the Manchester marathon Dan carried on running until he reached the sea where he got a ferry to Holland and then ran across Europe.

He said: “I know you shouldn’t judge a country by the weather but I will always remember Belgium as being wet.”

Along the way Dan wanted to visit as many Lord Of the Rings themed places as he could and said it was surprisingly easy and found one every day.

“For every bad, wet day there was an amazing day,” he said, “people were so generous letting me in to their homes and feeding me, I’m glad I did but glad to be home too.”