Buxton man died on his stag do from cocaine induced heart problems

The inquest was heard at Chesterfield coroners' court.
The inquest was heard at Chesterfield coroners' court.

A Buxton man died on his own stag do from heart problems caused by cocaine use, an inquest heard.

Shaun Michael Ennis, 31, of West Road, died on June 10, 2016, in his hotel in Majorca, just hours after arriving.

An inquest on Monday heard how Mr Ennis had travelled to the Spanish island with a large group of family and friends to celebrate his forthcoming wedding, which had been due to take place weeks later.

Senior coroner Dr Robert Hunter said that, according to statements taken by Spanish police, on the night he arrived in Magaluf, Mr Ennis stayed out in the resort on his own after the rest of the group had returned to the hotel. The next time he was seen, however, he had become unwell.

Shaun’s friend, Michael Heathcote, told Spanish police that Mr Ennis had knocked on his door in the early hours of the morning, sweating profusely. He was also complaining of shortness of breath, his lips had turned blue and he later began to convulse.

The alarm was raised at 6am, but despite the best efforts of Shaun’s dad Brian and Spanish paramedics, Mr Ennis died shortly afterwards.

A post-mortem conducted on Mr Ennis’ body after it had been flown back to the UK found ‘high’ levels of cocaine in his system.

Pathologist Deirdre McKenna said that it was the effect of this drug on his heart that was the immediate cause of death.

However, Dr Hunter said his ability to ascertain exactly what had happened to Shaun on the night he died had been hampered by the lack of co-operation shown to the UK police investigation by other members of the party.

He said in addition to Shaun’s father Brian, only one other person - Ryan Downings - had returned any of Derbyshire police’s invitations to assist them.

In recording a verdict of misadventure, Dr Hunter extended his condolences to Mr Ennis’ father and step-mother, who were present at Chesterfield Coroners’ Court for the hearing.

Dr Hunter added: “I don’t think people fully appreciate the dangers that cocaine can pose to the heart.

“It is part of our culture and society nowadays and it is unfortunate that as a result of that Shaun died.

“It is doubly unfortunate for his family that he did so on his stag do.”