Buxton couple victims of 'horrendous' attack in front of kids

Assault victims Gavin and Sue Webb.
Assault victims Gavin and Sue Webb.

A Buxton couple say they were the victims of an 'horrendous' attack in front of their children.

Gavin and Sue Webb told the Buxton Advertiser they were assaulted by a man on High Street in the town at around 4pm on Sunday.

Police are investigating the crime.

Mr Webb, 39, said he and his 31-year-old wife were knocked to the ground during the attack.

"Sue suffered a snapped tooth and had blood coming out of her ears and had to be hospitalised; I suffered a broken finger and I've got severe concussion," he added.

"It was an horrendous attack - and it happened in front of our kids.

"We want the person who did this to be caught and brought to justice very soon.

"Our kids keep asking 'has he been caught yet?' - they're scared to death.

"My memory's been really bad and I've been signed off work for three weeks and my wife's not feeling very well at all.

"It's a nightmare."

A Derbyshire Constabulary spokesperson said: "We were called to reports of an assault on High Street, Buxton, at around 4pm on Sunday.

"Officers are following a number of lines of enquiry.

"We take incidents like this seriously and are working hard to find the perpetrator."