Buxton cadets top poll in UK phone-in

BUXTON Sea Cadets are celebrating winning a £6,275 NatWest CommunityForce award.

In July last year, NatWest launched CommunityForce, a new initiative to help support local charities, organisations and groups to raise publicity for their work and attract volunteers. The programme also provided the opportunity for three groups in each of the bank’s 131 CommunityForce areas to win awards of £6,275 each.

Organisations and charities applied for awards during the summer and an online public vote took place to decide which three in each area would receive the awards with Buxton Sea Cadets being one of the lucky recipients.

Over 5,000 charities and community projects in England and Wales applied to take part with over 360,000 votes cast.

Buxton Sea Cadets applied because they needed help with their fund raising efforts to build an extension to the Unit, which is based at the Cadet Centre, Silverlands.

They have over 40 youngsters, both boys and girls, and a number of qualified adult volunteer instructors, whose aim is to help all the youngsters towards responsible adulthood by encouraging valuable personal attributes and a high standard of conduct by using a nautical theme.

The new extension will provide a safe environment in which all the youngsters can learn vital life skills in a friendly and well resourced setting.

By applying for the CommunityForce awards, local charities and projects became part of a local online network giving them greater visibility and the opportunity to attract volunteers from the local area.

Local NatWest staff are also getting involved by volunteering their time and expertise.

Trevor Johnson, the Trustee responsible for the Sea Cadets fund raising, said: “Our success in winning this award ensures we have sufficient funds including pledges to commence the building work early in 2012. Our target figure has been achieved.

“Many thanks to all our funding sponsors and the local community supporters.”