Buxton burglary victim slams police over no-show

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A burglary victim has slammed Derbyshire police amid claims they refused to send any officers round after thieves ransacked his property and stole £3,500 worth of belongings.

Dr Derek Brower, of Carlisle Grove, Buxton, claims that after his property was burgled on December 23 no police officers visited and he was told over the phone that the case had been closed.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire police said Dr Brower’s crime report had been dealt with by way of ‘telephone resolution’ – a policy launched last year to streamline police resources.

Explaining the policy, the spokesperson said: “Police in Derbyshire are changing the way minor crimes are dealt with to allow resources to be used more effectively for more serious offences.

“Specially trained call handlers will thoroughly assess each crime reported to police and minor incidents that do not require police attendance will now be dealt with over the phone.”

But Dr Brower has hit-out at the police’s handling of the incident and has made a formal complaint.

He said: “We were puzzled that Derbyshire police didn’t even bother to come out and see us. They closed the case on the phone too. It’s pathetic.”

In a letter to the Chief Constable, shown to the Advertiser, Dr Brower said: “Instead of visiting the crime scene, your officers asked over the phone whether any evidence had been left that could help in the investigation. You’ll be disappointed to learn that despite watching Sherlock, my wife and I don’t have the same kind of expertise in crime-fighting or forensic examination that most taxpayers would expect from their police force.”

He added: “The theft cost me more than £3,500 in lost property, not including the damage. The break-in occurred at night, which is naturally distressing to my wife, my children and to me.”

The police spokesperson added: “We’re sorry Dr Brower is dissatisfied with the service he received from us. We will investigate his complaint and respond to him in due course.”