Busy time for rescue teams

THE good weather led to a busy weekend for the Edale mountain rescue teams.

On Saturday morning, the team were called to help the Yorkshire Ambulance Service on Houndkirk Moor above Sheffield after a walker, who was tripped up by her dog, fell and banged her head.

That afternoon they were called to Burbage Edge near the Longshaw Estate to reports of a 25-year-old fallen climber from Canada who had fallen approximately 20 feet and had been unconscious for several minutes.

On Sunday, the team was called out in the afternoon to a 28-year-old mountain biker who had crashed on Hope Brinks on the slopes of Win Hill. He had been thrown over his handle bars and knocked unconscious as well as suffering various other cuts and bruises.

At the same time, the team were called to a 19-year-old climber from Lichfield who had fallen on Birchen Edge near Baslow and suffered a serious head injury.