Tweet is a recipe for success

Steve and Abi Phillips
Steve and Abi Phillips

A family run baking business in Furness Vale has been given a massive boost on social media by an entrepreneur who starred on Dragon’s Den.

The Cake Nest was re-tweeted by Theo Paphitis to more than 400,000 followers, as part of Small Business Sunday.

Mr Paphitis rewards small businesses that tweet him - @TheoPaphitis - and describe their business in one tweet including the hashtag #SBS.

Only tweets made in the time slot between 5pm and 7.30pm each Sunday count.

Abi Phillips, who set up The Cake Nest with her husband Steve almost five years ago, said: “Our Twitter went absolutely crazy and at about 10 o’clock we switched off all notifications and stepped away.

“We got an extra 100 followers, and it was just fantastic to see so many people being so wonderful and saying how great our website was, welcoming us over to the SBS family.”