Putting old computers to good use

TWO BUXTON businessmen are launching a recycling project to help provide computers for local charitable organisations.

Kevin Davies and business partner Christian Sadler, who run the computer repair company PC Peak, want people to donate their old PCs and laptops, whether working or not, instead of sending them off to landfill.

The pair then aim to use the old parts to make up reconditioned units which can be passed on for free to charitable and community organisations in and around the Buxton area.

Kevin said: “It’s amazing the amount of old computer equipment that is thrown away.

“This way we can help the environment by reducing the amount sent to landfill, while at the same time do some good in the community.”

To cover expenses, any surplus stock would be offered to people on low incomes at a discounted rate, while surplus parts would be sold on eBay.

For more details on the recycling project, call Kevin and Christian at PC Peak on 01298 77969, or contact them through their website www.pcpeak.co.uk.