Multi-million deal for Hindlow firm

A Buxton-based firm has landed a two-year contract worth over £3 million.

Lhoist UK has secured an order for its dry flue gas treatment product, Sorbacal SP, from the Singapore Government’s National Environmental Agency (NEA).

The deal is a significant development for the Hindlow-based company which already supplies products to Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The Lhoist UK business manager for Sorbacal SP, James Ng, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Singapore government and we see this is a further foothold with the opportunity to develop further business in South East Asia.”

He said: “Discussions with the NEA and our technical teams started in 2000 but trials commenced in earnest in 2009 followed by extended trials earlier this year.

“The NEA was impressed with the support provided by Lhoist research and Development and the Lhoist UK team.”

The NEA is highly focused on meeting local emission levels standards and they are leading the way in attaining and surpassing these requirements.

The trials demonstrated a 40 per cent reduction in hydrated lime usage due to Sorbabcal SP’s specialist properties.

As Singapore is an island with limited disposal routes, this will assist them in extending the life-span of their landfill disposal sites.

The first consignments of product will be shipped from the UK in containers for an operational start in October.