Green system installed at Buxton office

The Energy Alliance have this week installed a state of the art Solar Photovoltaic system at their head office on Dale Road, Buxton.

The system, which generates electricity using natural daylight, has been installed on the roof of the building and will provide free power to the offices during daylight hours, as well as a government backed guaranteed income for the next 25 years.

Under the Government’s Feed-In Tariff initiative, business and home owners who invest in generating their own electricity will receive a payment for each KWh of ‘green’ electricity produced.

For the average household, this works out at around £1,200 per year.

Daniel Mackie from the Energy Alliance said: “There has never been a better time to invest in renewable technology and with energy bills rising at the rate they are, installing Solar PV not only protects you from these huge increases, but with the Feed In Tariff this is now a better place to put your money.

“The average customer sees a Return on Investment of around 12 per cent, which compared to 2-3 per cent from your savings, is a very attractive proposition.”

If anyone would like to see the installed system or learn more about Solar power then you can contact the Energy Alliance on 01298 600440 or visit them on their forthcoming open day on Saturday September 3.