Farmers will rise to the challenge

THE Country Land and Business Association in the East Midlands said farmers and rural land managers across the High Peak would rise to the challenge set by the Farming Regulation Task Force’s report.

The rural watchdog’s spokesman, Andrew Shirley, said: “The industry is ready to work with the Government to reduce excessive regulation while maintaining high farming and environmental standards.

“Task Force Chairman Richard Macdonald and his team have done an excellent job of listening to stakeholders. Their report is a great first step to deleting pointless bureaucracy.”

Mr Shirley said cutting the mountains of paperwork and recognising the importance of online communications were key to the war on red tape to make rural businesses more economically viable.

He particularly welcomed the concept of “earned recognition” – the idea that regulators should reward rural businesses for taking steps to maintain high standards without government interference.

He added: “This should go a long way towards reducing the burden of regulation on farmers and land managers. The proposals relating to the planning system are also good news and should do much to encourage land-based business to flourish.

“We recognise Farming Minister Jim Paice’s foresight in commissioning this report and trust he will drive through its implementation with the same resolve.”