Dove firm’s slice of rugby history

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A BUXTON couple who are keen rugby league fans are celebrating after their business was chosen to manufacture a plaque to commemorate one of the major events in the foundation of their favourite sport.

Ted & Sue McEvoy, from Dove Holes-based Leander Architectural, have followed Wigan Warriors through thick and thin for 40 years.

So they were delighted to be invited to make a bronze plaque which has been unveiled in Manchester city centre to commemorate the first meeting of rugby league clubs following their historic breakaway from rugby union in 1895.

Sue said: “We’ve made all sorts of plaques over the years, but this is the one that has been closest to our hearts. It’s nice to have been able to be part of celebrating some rugby league history.”

Ted, originally from Wigan, and Buxton-born Sue, married a few years after they met, and to celebrate their happy day they crowned their wedding cake with a pretend pie. Meat and potato pie was also on the menu for their evening reception.

Pies are part of the heritage of the town of Wigan, and Wiganers are known as ‘Pie Eaters’ after coal miners in the town were forced back to work after being on strike in 1928 because they couldn’t afford to carry on with the strike and had to eat ‘humble pie’.