Buxton business gives green thumbs-up to cash-saving solar scheme

Nick Blashill, Director or Green Energy Commercial, with John Shirt, owner and founder of Gas Gas Motos.
Nick Blashill, Director or Green Energy Commercial, with John Shirt, owner and founder of Gas Gas Motos.

After decades in the motor industry and as a recognised trials bike expert, a Buxton businessman has finally gone green with a cash-saving solar array on the roof of his premises.

John Shirt Snr credits his first big break on a snapped collarbone that saw him switch from speedway riding to business success fixing motors.

Now John, as owner and founder of Gas Gas Motos Ltd at Harpur Hill Business Park, has significantly reduced his company’s carbon footprint by cashing in on a free-fit solar system from Green Energy Commercial that is tipped to save his business a mind-blowing £244,000.

He said: “I’ve spent a lifetime working on motors and now I am doing something about our carbon footprint.

“Thanks to Green Energy Commercial we have had a completely free-fit array of 208 solar panels and they will put a lot of electricity into the National Grid, but they’ll also save our business a fortune in electricity bills.

“They say the pay back is what you need to look at with renewable energy, but there was no financial outlay on this so it’s a no-brainer that we save money from day one.”

Last year turnover at the business that employs 11 staff was £2.5 million and John credits the company’s success to his team – all like him are from Buxton and he has a genuine love of the High Peak.

His bright red Gas Gas Motos banners are regularly seen at major international trials event and his team of six have recently returned from a solid performance in the Scottish six-day trials.

Renting out their High Peak roof space for a solar array means investors are ensuring they pay no more than 6p per kilowatt hour for their electricity when the sun is in the sky.

Before John signed up for the 50 kilowatt array at his state of the art industrial unit he was paying 11.44 pence per kilowatt hour – the savings over 25 years will be £244,000.

Nick Blashill, of Green Energy Commercial, added: “It’s a win, win for businesses – we can ensure they fix their electricity bill and the free fit systems can save them a fortune over the lifetime of the deal.

“We are doing similar deals for scores of businesses and even household names can see a return on their bottom line by fitting panels.”

For more information, visit www.greenenergycommercial.com or email info@gecommercial.co.uk.