Buxton bottle wins packaging award

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Buxton Natural Mineral Water has won the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year category at this year’s Packaging News Awards.

Nestlé Waters’ Buxton was recognised for its production of the UK’s most lightweight mass-produced water bottle and an overhaul of its entire manufacturing process which reduced the environmental impact of the bottles.

The Buxton bottles were named the winner by the judges for delivering considerable resource efficiencies in a number of areas, including a reduction of 2,000 tonnes of plastic per annum, 20 per cent fewer trucks used to transport the bottles to transport preforms to the factory, and a reduction of 20 per cent energy used to manufacture the bottles (for every 1,000 bottles produced).

Nestlé Waters also reviewed its sourcing of the PET preforms to deliver the most sustainable option; they are now 100 per cent produced in Wrexham, just 60 miles from the factory in Buxton.

“We are delighted to win this award and acknowledgment for our Buxton Natural Mineral water bottles, which saw a reduction of 25 per cent less PET used on average across the range,” said Siân Chapman, Corporate Communications & CSV Manager, Nestlé Waters.

“Considerable investment and over two years of research and development went into these bottles, which are both consumer friendly with a reduced environmental impact.”

During the research and development process, a number of ecological and ergonomic challenges had to be overcome: the bottle had to be considerably lighter than previous models; it had to maintain a consumer-friendly shape, grip and function; and it needed to use considerably less PET than previously.