Business at usual at Buxton’s Minor Injuries Unit

Matron Melissa Dalton says stay safe this Christmas
Matron Melissa Dalton says stay safe this Christmas

While many of us across the High Peak will be looking forward to sitting down with our families and enjoying our Christmas dinner next week, some people aren’t so lucky.

For people in a number of professions, Christmas Day is just another normal working day.

Firefighters, paramedics, police, nurses and hundreds of other people will be spending the day working, helping us out in our hour of need.

And for the staff at Buxton’s Minor Injuries Unit (MIU), it will be business as usual next Thursday and throughout the festive period.

The unit will be open from 8am to 10pm every day , dealing with minor injuries from burns to sprains and even foreign bodies.

Matron Melissa Dalton and her staff are used to dealing with a variety of incidents throughout the year, but Christmas inevitably brings its own challenges.

“At Christmas time we get a lot of burns,” Melissa said. “The best thing to do is put the affected area under cold water for ten minutes then wrap it in clingfilm and come and see us.

“Also, keep an eye out on pets, especially dogs,” Melissa added. “With so many people around they can easily get stressed and nip or bite.”

Even putting the Christmas decorations up can cause issues, as Melissa explained: “We get a lot of people who have spikes from their Christmas tree in their eye. We see a lot of foreign bodies like pine needles in eyes which can cause a nasty graze.”

But it’s not just decorating the house or cooking that can cause problems. Lesley Marshallsay, manager of the MIU at Buxton Hospital, said: “We also get a lot of allergic reactions, especially to perfumes and things.

“Also, if older children get presents with beads or anything like that, then younger children will often pick them up and put them up their nose or try and swallow them so there’s a real choking hazard there.”

Christmas is traditionally a time to spend with the family but if you’re going away to see yours, make sure you plan ahead, Lesley advises.

“We get a lot of people who have gone to visit family and forgotten to take their inhalers, or their medication so make sure you plan ahead for Christmas,” she added.