Brewery’s stance on future of Grove Hotel sparks anger in town

The Grove Hotel in Buxton. Photo: Google.
The Grove Hotel in Buxton. Photo: Google.

Owners of The Grove Hotel have confirmed the landmark will not be re-opened, refurbished, or sold any time soon.

The iconic hotel, in Grove Parade, Buxton, closed in August 2013 and has remained shut ever since.

Inside The Grove Hotel. Photo taken in 2008.

Inside The Grove Hotel. Photo taken in 2008.

Many believe the hotel should re-open, owing to its prominent position and historical significance.

The Advertiser contacted owners, Robinsons Brewery, this week to find out what the future held for the hotel.

A spokesperson said: “We have no immediate plans for the refurbishment of the site at this time, nor do Robinsons intend to sell The Grove Hotel.”

The news sparked anger from our online readers, with many believing it was not acceptable for the company to merely sit on the asset.

Inside The Grove Hotel. Photo taken in 2008.

Inside The Grove Hotel. Photo taken in 2008.

Cheryl Kebbell said: “They [Robinsons] should be made to refurbish or sell it. It can’t just stay as it is.”

Christina Warrington added: “Do compulsory purchase orders not exist anymore? It’s disgusting. Buxton can’t regenerate to become the town it is capable of being with obstacles like this.”

Paula Cato commented: “Cannot believe there is any logic behind the owners’ peculiar stance on this.

“Why keep it if you don’t want to use it?”

Councillor Tony Kemp, deputy leader of High Peak Borough Council, said he would like to see the building utilised – but stressed that Robinsons own it outright and the decision is theirs alone.

Coun Kemp said: “It is a shame that the hotel has been closed for so long.

“Myself, and the council as a whole, would like to see something happening, and we are working with Robinsons to ensure that something does.

“If there is anything the council can do to encourage Robinsons to put forward a plan for the building, then we will help any way that we can.”

Coun Kemp said that he believed Robinsons had found the source of water, which had been entering the hotel and were working to fix it.

Melissa Downhill said on our Facebook page: “People like that should be fined heavily for destroying such important town landmarks. And if they can’t show they can afford to keep it, they should be made to sell it.

“The Victorians put in so much heart and hard work into building places like that without the machinery we have today so for someone to own it who doesn’t care and has a poor attitude reflected from our disposable society is a crime in itself.”

What do you think of The Grove Hotel remaining closed? What would you like to see happen to it?

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