Bookshop seeks a happy ending

ONE of the country's few surviving Christian bookshops is appealing for volunteers to come forward to help secure its future.

Buxton's Christian Bookshop, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, desperately needs more volunteers to help in the shop and with window dressing.

Trustee Don Sparkes, said: "In these days Christian Bookshops are rarely seen and a town that has one is very privileged especially when over the past few years such shops have been closing at an alarming rate.

"This is due to the de-Christianising of our country, the decline in church attendance and the purchasing of books on the internet.

"Our own bookshop in Buxton remains open due to a 30,000 legacy left by Mary Cowen and even so, we have eaten into about one third of the money to keep the shop afloat.

"We would like to welcome more volunteers who we can train to help in the shop. This would mean a few hours each week, or even to be on standby to cover for sickness and holidays of the regular helpers.

"The trustees and regular helpers are finding it difficult to do extra hours to cover unexpected absences.

"If more people would pray for the shop and take a prayer card or meet with us on a Saturday morning at 9.30am before the shop opens at 10am, it would be a great encouragement and blessing.

"The shop celebrates its 25th birthday in July and your support and giving will encourage the six trustees, two paid staff and ten volunteers in the work of the shop."

• To mark the shop's 25th anniversary, a thanksgiving service is being held at Fairfield Methodist Church on June 30 at 7pm when the guest speaker will be the Rev Carl Edwards of St Peter's Church, Fairfield.

There will also be a collection for the Bible Society and buffet refreshments.

Anyone who can help in the shop can contact the bookshop on 01298 26843 or Don Sparkes on 01298 25134.