Blue Lagoon to be filled in?

A PETITION calling for action at a bizarre ‘tourist’ attraction in Buxton was handed over to councillors last week.

The plea, containing more than 760 signatures, was presented to Cllr Caitlin Bisknell, leader of High Peak Borough Council, and Cllr Carol Hart, Cabinet Member for Public Health at Derbyshire County Council, outside Buxton Town Hall last Wednesday.

Organised by locals and Harpur Hill Residents Association, it called for a solution to the major problems caused by people flocking to the Blue Lagoon in Harpur Hill.

The disused quarry has attracted hundreds of visitors to swim in the water – which looks like it belongs to a top Mediterranean beach but is actually only blue because of chemical pollution.

Local resident Paul Gabbitus said: “We’re very pleased with how the petition went and would like to thank everyone who supported it.

“I’m angry that these problems have gone on so long and frustrated at the slow speed of progress but happy that things are now being taken more seriously.”

Pam Reddy, the area’s county councillor, said: “Both councils are pursuing different possible long-term solutions with possible permanent solutions being the quarry being drained or filled in.

“Before this can be considered and undertaken full research has to be completed on flood risk and site drainage and then a full planning application would need to be completed and submitted.”

And Cllr Carol Hart, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Public Health, added: “I would just like to assure residents that at Derbyshire County Council we are doing all we can to help resolve this real problem. Our Environment Department, Legal and Community Safety are all involved and we will continue to work with partners to come up with firstly a short term solution and then working towards the long term solution.

“It is complicated by the fact that this is private land but nevertheless we will continue to work to come up with a solution to tackle this awful situation.”

Inspector Martin Coey of Derbyshire Police, who has been heavily involved in trying to alleviate the problems at the Blue Lagoon, said he was pleased with the progress which has been made but added that they were continuing to work with those concerned to find a long term solution.

lThe next meeting of the Harpur Hill Residents Association is on Tuesday, July 31 at Harpur Hill Methodist Church at 7.30pm.