Biker Bob urges other to play it safe

DERBYSHIRE Dales biker Bob Fox is urging others to follow his lead after taking advantage of a Derbyshire Dales District Council safer biking initiative.

The District Council is part funding an incentive scheme targeting bikers. Thanks to a £45 subsidy from the District Council, it costs motorcyclists who live in the Derbyshire Dales less than £100 to sign up with the Matlock branch of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) for a refresher course.

Bob, who has been riding motorcycles for around 30 years, said: “You’re never too old – or too young – for this kind of course and I’d urge fellow bikers to grab the District Council’s offer with both hands.

“We’re fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the UK and our roads attract a lot of bikers. Tragically some have come to grief on the more notorious stretches and I’m convinced the BikeSafe course has the potential to save lives.

“Although I’ve been a biker all my adult life, an unrelated knee injury a couple of years ago meant my machine went into storage.

“When I decided to dust it off again it made absolute sense to me to get out onto the roads with an instructor subsidised by Derbyshire Dales District Council to remind myself of the best riding techniques and get a few new tips about the way I handle a motorbike.

“With the District Council’s help, the BikeSafe course has given me the confidence to get back on my bike and get the most out of a tremendous hobby.”

Derbyshire Dales District Council Leader Councillor Lewis Rose OBE, who is also Chairman of the Safer Derbyshire Dales Community Safety Partnership, said: “Excellent initiatives such as this help to keep our roads safe, and the BikeSafe initiative delivered by IAM is particularly important to us as we need to do everything we can to reduce the number of motorcycling accidents on our roads.

“The District Council also continues to target younger drivers by continuing to subsidise the cost of an Advanced Driving Skills Test for young people in the Dales aged 17-25 and, for older people aged 65 and over, we offer a £15 subsidy for an enhanced Drive Check.”

All three safety initiatives are available through IAM on 01629 812732.