BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine heads to Buxton

Jeremy Vine limbering up for Strictly Come Dancing while on the set of Eggheads
Jeremy Vine limbering up for Strictly Come Dancing while on the set of Eggheads

Broadcaster, presenter and journalist Jeremy Vine is coming to Buxton as part of the International Festival’s Book Weekend .

Vine, who hosts his own weekday lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2, will be in town to discuss his new book What I Learnt: What My Listeners Say – and Why We Should Take Notice.

Topics he will cover during his talk will be world leaders out of tune with the people – and the old not listening to the young any more.

He said: “All around the world there is this sense of people saying we are not happy and we want change – and they have the power to do it.”

Vine will also talk about fatherhood, cancer and the parts of his body which suffered most during his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

“The main lesson I take from Radio 2 is what is powerful is real,” he said. “We long for that famously rare thing – authenticity. Putting aside which candidate you wanted to be American president, which candidate was most real? Who was most raw? Who was the least political? And who won?

“Put on air, my listeners confirm that they are also the opposite of political. There is something about the radio and conversation that is quite precious.”

His book has been inspired by his 25,000 callers since the show started in 2003.

He has identified a growing chasm between the Baby Boomer generation and their children but says where the nation really comes together is watching Strictly. He added: “The programme is not judging you on what you do. It is judging you on who you are.”

His talk on sequins, Trump and Brexit is on Saturday, November 25. To book tickets, go to