Battle for the streets in Dove

Angry residents on The Meadows, Dove Holes
Angry residents on The Meadows, Dove Holes

DOVE Holes residents who have been waiting 13 years for their roads and pavements to be completed are today meeting with the county council to try and get action.

People living on the Meadows Estate have been campaigning for years to get the roads and pavements adopted but have so far been unsuccessful, despite residents lodging a sum of money between £250 to £1,000 with their solicitors when they bought the properties to pay for the work to be done.

Resident Robert Longden with one of the man holes left exposed on the Meadows estate, Dove Holes

Resident Robert Longden with one of the man holes left exposed on the Meadows estate, Dove Holes

Now a meeting has been organised with Derbyshire County Council today (Thursday) to try and get the work, which should have been carried out by the developer Robert Critchlow of Kalro Construction, completed.

Residents have long expressed concerns over the state of the pavements and roads on the estate, which they fear are a health and safety risk. They are also unsure who is responsible for the street lights.

One long-standing resident said: “He (the developer) keeps saying he is going to finish them but he never does. These people have all paid around £500 to their solicitors so the work can be done and it’s not been done in 13 years.

“We are concerned about health and safety. With raised manholes and things like that, you’ve got to go round them. “There are disabled children living here and they have got to manoeuvre around these.

“We don’t even get a reduction on our council tax. It’s just not fair.”

High Peak Borough Councillor Derek Udale, who represents the Limestone Peak ward, has been involved with the ongoing battle for several years.

He said: “I think this has gone on far too long. Derbyshire County Council take 72 per cent of the council tax and do nothing for it. High Peak Borough Council have kept their part of the bargain and emptied the bins.”

And Chapel Parish and High Peak Borough Councillor Stewart Young added: “It is about time it was finished and put to bed.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “This development has been a long standing source of frustration for the county council as the developer has failed to enter the agreement to offer the roads to the council and has not carried out all the works needed on the estate.

“We are not able to take on responsibility for the streets until they meet nationally recognised standards and we cannot force the developer to finish the works. We will continue to try to persuade the developer to finish the works.”

•We tried to contact Mr Critchlow but had not received a response by the time the Buxton Advertiser had gone to press.