Barrier plea to curb boy racers

RESIDENTS are calling for action to stop anti-social driving late at night at Spring Gardens car park.

They are calling for barriers, that were installed several years ago, to be used to prevent access to the site at night.

Up to eight or nine vehicles have been reported causing a nuisance by speeding across the car park and revving their engines late a night, and while police initiatives have had a positive impact residents would like to see a permanent solution.

“They could solve the problem by putting the barriers down. That would be all it would take,” said one resident.

A High Peak Borough Council spokesman said they were reluctant to lower the barriers at night because of the impact it would have on supermarket workers who often work anti-social hours.

He said they would have to find alternative places to park and have to walk across the town centre which might pose a health and safety risk particularly in the winter.

However the move was not ruled out.

“There isn’t any intention to close the barriers at this time but were proposals to come forward then the council would have to consult car park users before making a final decision,” said the spokesman.

Residents have praised police efforts but fear the situation will get worse again over the summer. “In the current economic climate their resources should be used elsewhere.”

Police can issue section 59 notices to those causing a driving nuisance. If they receive a second within 12 months their vehicle can be seized and impounded by officers.

The owner will then have to pay a fee of at least £150 in recovery and storage costs to get the vehicle back on the road.