Band release charity EP for hospice in memory of Buxton singer

A Buxton band have released a charity EP in memory of lead singer and songwriter Kevin Allsop - who died last month.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 7:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 7:13 am

Grandfather-of-two Kevin, 69, died at Ashgate Hospice following an eight-year fight with bowel cancer.

Mechanical engineer Kevin, whose 16-year-old son Rick was tragically killed after being hit by a car in 1999, formed Simply Layback in 2014.

Kevin’s son Scott, 38, told how the loss of Rick left his dad ‘deeply affected’ - reflected in many of the musician’s songs which were ‘pretty dark and melancholic’.

However during the last decade his mood saw a real ‘uptick’ thanks to becoming a grandfather and forming the new band - which transformed his songs and made them ‘reflective but quite positive’.

Father-of-two Scott said of Kevin’s latter songs: “He was not someone who was afraid of his own mortality - it was very much ‘seize every opportunity and just do it’.

“The band gave him the opportunity to think about that sort of stuff and supported him.”

Scott told how during the last few weeks of Kevin’s life the band wanted to ‘offer a way for everyone to remember his voice and music’.

Kevin - often from his bed at Ashgate Hospice - was involved in all aspects of creating Laidback Tracks from the song order to the artwork.

History teacher Scott added: “Dad always wanted to get his songs recorded but it finally happened and he was involved in the process.

“He was part of the band right until the end and no decisions (about the EP) were made without him - he knew exactly how it sounded.

“Simply Layback was a vitally important outlet for my dad during some really dark times and we wanted to find a way for everyone to be able to get hold of this music.”

Alison Broady, who plays various woodwind instruments with the band, said: “Ashgate cared for Kevin incredibly well as his health deteriorated.

“It was while he was in their hospice in Chesterfield that we spoke together about releasing a fundraising CD.

Percussionist Nadine Weston said: “We were already recording songs in preparation for a future CD release and are indebted to the expertise of John McGrother for the use of his studio.”

All money raised from the sale of the CD and downloads will go to support Ashgate Hospicecare in Chesterfield.

The Laidback Tracks EP contains six original compositions by the band and is available to purchase from the Green Man Gallery in Buxton and the town’s fortnightly Club Acoustic night at The Old Clubhouse.

It is also available as a digital download from online stores including Amazon and iTunes, as well as on streaming services such as Spotify and Google Music.

Further information about Simply Layback and the Laidback Tracks EP is available from the band’s Facebook page at