Backlash over Buxton BID continues

News story
News story

Opposition to Buxton’s Business Improvement District (BID) continues to grow as campaigners call to scrap plans all together.

The group say BIDs are a national disgrace and Buxton should not become involved them. Results from a feasibility study about the BID which was conducted by Vision Buxton have come back as being ‘viable’ for the town.

Mike Hunter who works at an independent phone retailer on High Street Buxton said: “We would like the BID to be scrapped but if that isn’t going to happen then there must be better transparency.

“There still hasn’t been any formal engaging with the businesses which may fall within the boundary so a lot of sole traders are worried.

“BIDs are failing up and down the country and have become a national disgrace. If Buxton became a BID town it would damage the town for years to come. I have worked in Buxton for 20 years and can’t believe this is happening.”

Vision Buxton announced its BID plans back in April 
A BID is a formal arrangement where businesses decide what improvements they would like to make to their trading environment. BIDs were introduced in 2004 and to enforce the levy towns only need a vote of 50.1 per cent in favour.

This would then mean all companies with a non-domestic rateable value of £5,000 or above would have to pay for the next five years or face court action.

Since the BID was announced businesses have spoken out and there has been a 70-strong protest against the plans.

Ian Howarth landlord at The Queens on High Street said: “If this goes ahead we can’t change it and we will be forced to pay so we need to stop it now.

“It is worrying Vision Buxton have already said they will be stepping away from this project at the next stage.

“They can’t bring something like this in and then walk away incase it fails.

“They think we have endless money as independent traders but the truth is we are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. They want to take a slice of our cake with a cherry on top but some of us don’t even have the money for a cake at all.”