Are you ready for Police and Crime Commissioner election?

THERE is less than a week to go before Derbyshire’s residents are asked to elect the county’s first Police and Crime Commissioner.

On Thursday November 15 a total of 709 polling stations across the county will be open from 7am to 10pm for residents to cast their vote.

Almost 132,000 residents across Derbyshire have requested a postal vote, which must be returned to the Local Returning Officer by 10pm on the day of the poll otherwise they will not be counted.

Voters can look up their nearest polling station by simply entering their postcode in a newly created look-up facility at

Peter Carney, Police Area Returning Officer for Derbyshire said: “In just a few days voters will have the chance to elect their Police and Crime Commissioner.

“I encourage voters to check in advance where their polling station is and plan what time they intend to cast their vote. For those voting by post, it’s important to fill in your ballot paper privately and return it as soon as possible.”

Police and Crime Commissioners will be elected using the Supplementary Vote system. Voters should put a cross for their first and second choice candidates in their respective columns. As long as a cross is marked in the first choice column, then the vote will count.

A total of four candidates are battling to become Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner they are: Alan Charles (Labour), David Gale (UKIP), Rod Hutton (Independent) and Simon Spencer (Conservative).