Appeal to find Buxton pensioner

A British group in Spain which campaigns for UK pensioners’ rights is trying to contact a Buxton woman whose holiday flat has been abandoned by an alleged squatter.

The flat in Malaga had been the subject of a legal dispute for seven years after its owner died and the British tenant occupying it allegedly stopped paying rent.

The flat is now empty, and Denise Chesson, of the British Pensioners Campaign, wants to contact the owner’s widow, who she hopes can now reclaim part of her inheritance.

Mrs Chesson contacted the Advertiser to appeal for Swedish-born Mrs Raden Roro Karlinah Soeama Wilson to get in touch with her.

The last known address of Mrs Wilson, the widow of Alan Bolan Wilson, is thought to have been in Buxton.

“She would be in her seventies or eighties now,” said Mrs Chesson, whose group campaigns to increase the pensions of UK residents abroad to British levels.

“It’s her property. It’s got to be worth something.”

Mrs Chesson can be contacted on 0034 952 486420.