Anniversary for family run Whaley Bridge company

The family-run Nutri Advanced in Whaley Bridge has just turned 35.
The family-run Nutri Advanced in Whaley Bridge has just turned 35.

A family run company in Whaley Bridge is celebrating 35 of business by thanking customers who have stood by them.

Nutri Advanced opened in 1981 by renowned naturopath Norman Eddie along with his son, Ken Eddie who said: “I sincerely thank all of our customers old and new for their support and belief in what we do at Nutri Advanced and especially for their belief in the benefits our products can achieve for them.”
The company was originally created to educate healthcare professionals on the health benefits of nutrition and provide access to a range of premium nutritional supplements based on natural ingredients.

Now with a staff of 35 the business has become the UK’s number one supplier of nutritional supplements to complementary healthcare practitioners.

Ken, who is the managing director, said: “I think the reason we’ve continued to be successful is the emphasis we place on education which enables people to make informed decisions about their health.

“Over the last 35 years we’ve seen a real shift in the general public’s attitude towards the proactive management of their own health. By conducting their own research and by taking advantage of educational resources such as those we provide, people are finding credible alternatives to mainstream medicine and prescribed drugs.”