Animal carcass recycling plant for the Peak District?

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Residents have spoken of their shock after discovering plans for a recycling plant dealing in dead animals could be built in their rural village.

Proposals have been submitted to the Peak District National Park Authority for a rendering plant at The Knackers Yard, on Main Road in Flagg, near Buxton, and concerns have been raised over the development and its impact on the community.

A rendering plant works alongside a slaughterhouse, recycling dead animals, slaughterhouse waste and supermarket rejects into various products known as recycled meat, bone meal and animal fat.

Resident Deborah Oliver, of Pasture Lane, is objecting to the plans. She said: “I moved here knowing there was already an incinerator so I can’t complain about that, but I don’t think such a small area needs a second one.

“We have narrow roads which wouldn’t be able to withstand the traffic. There is also a nursery, so how would this affect the little ones? There is already a rancid smell that knocks you to your gut.”

The plans state that the development would be a plant for the processing of animal by-products to extract oil for the generation of electricity for on-site use and export, and associated boiler, control equipment, loading and dispatch area for meat and bone meal and waste water tanks.

Flagg Parish Council has submitted a response to the planning authority which states it is “not in favour of this application”.

Reasons cited include an increase in noise pollution, buildings would encroach into an otherwise un-built field and the size of the business is increasing rapidly and is disproportionate with the scale of the village.

The matter is expected to go before the national park authority next month.

Applicant Redfern and Son Ltd were approached for comment but did not respond.