Anglers’ anger over Goyt parking plan

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PROPOSALS to introduce parking restrictions in the Goyt Valley have drawn fierce criticism from a fishing club who have been using the area for over 40 years.

Errwood Fly Fishing Club have used the Valley since 1970 and say they have a long history of successful co-operation with the Peak District National Park and Derbyshire County Council.

However, the club, which has 110 members, said they have not been consulted on proposals to install road parking restrictions in the area

Alan McDonald, Vice Chairman of Errwood Fly Fishing Club, said: “The proposal and the absence of any consultation with local groups has come as a complete shock. Our club is just one of a number of clubs based in the Goyt Valley whose members may now be forced to pay to use a single car park or face substantial fines.

“Due to the very limited capacity of the car park and the popularity of the area with the public, some of our members will have to choose between parking outside the car park and risking a fine or not being able to use the facilities for which they are paying.

“As this proposal stands currently, only the council will benefit at the expense of the public, our members and all the other people that enjoy Goyt Valley.”

However, the fishing club’s claims have been disputed by the Peak District National Park.

Andy Farmer, Field services area manager, said: “Derbyshire County Council is consulting groups on a proposal to install road parking restrictions that will complement a charging scheme proposed by the partnership of the Peak District National Park Authority, United Utilities and the Forestry Commission for the Street and Errwood car parks.

“If the scheme goes ahead – and I emphasise it is still in the consultation phase – any income that is generated will be spent on conservation projects and improving the visitor experience within the Goyt Valley.”

It is proposed that the car park at Bunsal Cob, near the sailing club, which could be used by fishing club members, would remain free.

The Street and Errwood car parks can hold around 90 and 30 cars respectively and are rarely full to capacity, the Peak Park added.