Alcohol advice to students

MORE than 120 students attended a seminar in Buxton about the dangers of drinking too much over the Christmas party season and beyond.

Staff from the University of Derby in Buxton, healthcare professionals and Derbyshire police officers teamed up to offer information and advice to students at the Dome.

Topics included how alcohol can affect your physical and mental health, how it can hinder your driving, and what can happen if you drink to excess.

Sergeant Jon Lloyd, from Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Our aim is to educate people about the dangers of excessive drinking and to encourage them to be mindful of their limits and stay safe when out on the town.

“Over Christmas, the number of parties and drinks promotions are particularly high, so it’s important for us to get that ‘stay safe’ message across.

“Engaging with as many students and members of the public as we can is a key way for us to do that.

“The event at the Dome was very well attended and all the students went away with a wealth of advice and information that will hopefully equip them for a safe and enjoyable party season and beyond.”

Non-alcoholic cocktails were served at the event, on Monday, November 26, and there was also an interactive quiz.

The event coincides in with the ‘Where Will Your Night End?’ campaign, a joint initiative led by Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council.

It aims to highlight the dangers of binge drinking or consuming too much alcohol, which could see you end up in a police cell, in hospital or slumped on the floor, whether that be the floor of a pub toilet or outdoors.

Tips on offer to partygoers to help them have an enjoyable and incident-free night out include:

* Don’t start too soon – drinking before you leave the house could ruin your night before it’s started;

* It’s not a race – opt for singles rather than doubles, a small glass of wine instead of a large one, or switch between alcoholic and soft drinks;

* Make food part of your evening – eat before you go out or buy some food on the way;

* Look out for your friends – if someone you know has had too much to drink, make sure they get home safely.

For more information and advice, visit and follow the links to the ‘Where Will Your Night End?’ pages.