Abattoir campaign gathers momentum

Campaigners have spoken out in force against a firm accused of animal rights offences at a Peak District protest.

The protesters travelled from far and wide to Bakewell town centre on Saturday to demonstrate against the owners of Red Lion Meat Packers Ltd, based in Rowland, near Bakewell.

Abattoir campaigners holding a protest in Rutland Square Bakewell

Abattoir campaigners holding a protest in Rutland Square Bakewell

The business is at the heart of a joint investigation by the RSPCA and Food Standards Agency over alleged offences at its Red Lion abattoir in Cheshire, where horses were secretly filmed being mistreated before they were slaughtered.

One of the protest organisers, Philippa Sangha, of Macclesfield, said: “It was fantastic. We gave out an awful lot of leaflets to people.

“We are trying to stop the abuse that is going on in slaughterhouses.

“We just want to raise the public’s awareness about what is going on literally in their backyards.”

The group were no just protesting against the Red Lion abattoir but all alleged animal welfare breaches at slaughterhouses throughout the country.

Philippa said that the group was approached by some members of the public who wanted to try and help the campaign.

Counter-terrorism officers from the force’s Special Branch became involved after threats of an extreme nature were made against the business and its owners.

Derbyshire Police increased the number of officers in Bakewell town centre on Saturday in anticipation of the demonstration, however confirmed that the event passed peacefully.

A spokesman for the abattoir said the firm has been speaking directly with the campaign organisers and has assured them that extensive control measures have been taken to ensure nothing of this nature occurs again.

To view a video of the protesters, click on the link above.