A Level: New Mills students dance for joy

Ella Peatfield and Alana Clark
Ella Peatfield and Alana Clark

New Mills students Alana Clark and Ella Peatfield were dancing for joy after receving their A Level results.

Alana, of Acorn Terrace, secured the grades she needed for a place at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, while Ella, 18, is off to the Royal Northern Ballet School.

For 18-year-old Alana, securing a place at the prestigious school is the next step in a love affair with dancing which began when she was just two-years-old. She has been attending New Mills Dance and Theatre Centre for many years, and as well as dancing there she also helps out teaching.

She said: “When I opened my UCAS letter I read it then had to read it again. Then I just screamed and cried. I wasn’t too worried about the results I just needed to know if I’d got in.”

Ella has also been involved with dancing since she was two, and is hoping for a career in the West End in the future.

She said: “I was really really pleased. I knew I had my place anyway before the results but I was really pleased to find out how I’d done in my A Levels.”